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First penguins spotted


POS:  38'02S  56'45W  40nm East of Mar del Plata
CRS:  235'
SPD:  4,9kts
WND:  NE 3-4bft
SEA:  Slight
SWL:  NE low

Well, the first Penguins are spotted.
As well as the first light 
pollution of some towns/cities in Argentina.
Tomorrow we will have to go through an area with little wind, after which it will pick up and veer to the east again for the coming days.
The last eight persons not murdered yet are entering the final round.

Rgds, Arian

Geschreven door:
Arian Poortman | Captain



Dank je wel Arian. Love pinquins.

margriet  |  14-11-2022 11:29 uur

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