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Saint Helena flag

It is only when you start digging in the bunkies for the flag of Saint Helena when you start to realize how incredibly many countries Europa visits on her ocean wandering journeys.  We were asked to make an inventory of the existing stock so we brought out each and every flag we carry and needed nearly the entire library to organize them. Alas, no Saint Helena flag. No Blue Ensign either. So we adapted a New Zealand flag by gluing blue patches over the stars to make one. Sorry, Kiwi’s, we’ll restore the flag after use…….. The result, with different shades of blue is a bit of a motley ensign, but once up the rigging one hardly notices. And haven’t we Dutch historically always………


Should have loaned Jo my Falkland Islands Blue Ensign after all :)

Tim  |  20-10-2023 06:18 uur

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