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This is the second day on board the Europa for the first Antarctic voyage of the season.

Shios sounds

This is the second day on board the Europa for the first Antarctic voyage of the season. I am overwhelmed by how fortunate I am to be a part of this exceptional adventure and am going to attempt to put into words my experience so far. For whatever reason today, I have been attuned to the sounds on board. A picture may be worth a thous and words, but can't quite capture the audio…

Clicking sounds

As the Europa slides through the bits of ice in the Garibaldi Fiord, we can hear the gurgle of the seemingly thick water being pushed away from the ship.  Then we hear a thunderous crack as the glacier itself settles and heaves. Sometimes the ear can hear what the eye can't see. Cameras start clicking and the sounds of harnesses clang as people prepare to climb aloft to get a different perspective in search for the perfect photograph. The rain begins again and patters when it bounces off waterproof gear and drips into the fiord, and onto the deck.Then....momentary silence as things come to a halt and all are mesmerized by the jaw dropping vista. Glacier crackling on one side and waterfalls gushing on the other.

Pleasing sounds

There are plenty of pleasing sounds…the sound of coffee and tea being poured into mugs to warm up the fingers and toes, the cheerful sound of the wash up crew coming from the galley as the tunes are turned up just enough to make washing dishes an informal dance party, the patient voices of permanent crew members giving lessons, lectures and asking for volunteers (somtimes voluntolds :-) ) the creaking of the ship, the sound of sails being unfurled and set, the hum of the engine as it helps move us through narrow channels and fiords. Of course I can't forget to mention the laughter and friendly banter as everyone gets used to life on board and these new, sometimes unfamiliar, yet beautiful sounds.

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