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Gentle wind

Hello all,

POS:  56*42 S 065*29,7 W
COG:  150
SOG:  5,5
WND:  NE 3 bft

An evening with Light light winds above and a cheeky rolls below.

This morning the My watch started at 8 with a lovely Sun, Gentle waves and most sails up.
We made it a bit more Royal by adding a few high 
sails to crown the morning.

Almost all voyage crew were out on deck and birds flew nicely while camera's tried to catch their shadows.
The wind was soft and gentle. To gentle to bring us to the Antarctic in time.
This meant we had to start the engines to give the right example of speed.
We are still waiting for the wind to take the hint.

Gjalt made some amazing bread again and I tried to find out his secret.
First Advice to me - Bread is a state of mind more then the recipe it seems.

The other crew have been taking good care of guests and ship and I enjoy all that we can see, feel and hear.
The skies, the clouds, the waves, the chatter, The silence and the noise. The shadows and the light.

The sun is down and the moon came up.
Tomorrow is a new day.
I wish you all a good night.

All the best

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Fosse Fortuin | Captain

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