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Getting closer to Jamestown

Noon Position, 11 UTC:

22°25S 002°02'E

SOG 7 knots

COG: 345°


The sky is overcast and the wind is between 15 and 20 knots from the SE.

We changed the timezone to UTC +1 to get a bit closer to the time in Jamestown. On account of that we had well rested voyage crew, that had an extra hour

There were some squals and more wind in the morning, but we went for plastic fishing anyway.

We were hove to under topsails and jibs. That managed to get the speed down to the desired 3 knots. The rolling, however, made it that we did one trawl and then gave up.

This filled the morning with a lot of sail handling.

We clocked 198 NM from noon to noon, but of course the plastic fishing slowed us down...

At this moment i think we will be at Jamestown on Thursday morning



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