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Gold Harbour

The last night at anchor in South Georgia, Gold Harbour. Much wind was forecasted for today, but we have been sheltered and had smooth landings.

In the morning we quite easily landed at St. Andrew's Bay where we watched the biggest colony of King penguins. We where lucky to also encounter two different types of weather during our landing: first sunny and clear sky, after some hour grey skies with rain surrounded us. The afternoon landing at Gold Harbour was perfect. Cold, wet but not at all miserable! We walked amongst Furseals, Kingpenguins, Gentoo's and Elephants seals lying, grunting and fighting (our guide Jordi told us that the fighting wasn't real fight, they where only enjoying themselves...) together.

A massive glacier right beside the beach accentuated the picture of beautiful, wild and spectacular South Georgia. We have been extremely lucky in all our doings here, being able to go through with all that was planned, and even a little more! Of course that is not only a result of the weather, but also of all the crew's and captain's efforts to make the very most of every day. Tomorrow we will maybe do a last landing to check Macaroni penguins, way south on the island, but wind and swell will decide weather it is possible or not. In either case, we will start out for Tristan da Cunha tomorrow, and it looks like we are going to have a flying start! We will leave with fantastic memories of South Georgia, who has been very kind and gentle to us!


Sound lovely!!! Kram från Asperö, idag gick första flyttlasset!

Anniella  |  07-04-2016 22:07 uur

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