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Goodbye Atlantic Ocean

Last days the best sailing throughout Canadian Atlantic waters.  With
various winds in direction and strength, rain, sunshine today this short
but intense trip is almost ending. Close hauled sailing for the last 36
hours to stay on the good side of a passing low to make our course
towards Lunenburg with a big curve. After a fair bit of sail handling
and tacking, we just sailed on our anchor and dropped the hook in Rose
bay about 3.5 miles from Lunenburg. With a beautiful sunset and a bright
moon a well deserved calm night in a sheltered bay, exited to enjoy the
visit in historic Lunenburg.

Geschreven door:
Jelte Hibma | Chief Mate



Jelte, Thank you and everyone for a wonderful trip.I had a blast and can't wait to sail again.

steve holt  |  27-08-2017 17:11 uur

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