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Hasta luego Antarctica!

Our visit to the Ice Queen's land is over. Now we are heading back towards civilization, greenery and humans. This was an intense experience filled with breathtaking views of the mountains, glaciers, ice falls, whales, penguins, seals, birds and  amazing sunsets; sounds of birds, crashing of ice and breathing of whales; shitty smell of penguins and a hard to describe smell of fresh ice on the water, like a smell on nothingness, maybe it was an odor of Cosmos itself. Visits to polar stations and 2 (two!) polar plunges from the ship, barbecue on the deck with Irish dancing, and all that while 
constantly surrounded by mountains, glaciers and icebergs. So so many events and emotions. It was short and long voyage at the same time. For the amount of things we were able to witness and experience it was very long, but for the actual time is was pretty short. We are taking back extraordinary memories and many gigs of digital photos. Now in the big waters there are not so many people smiling on the ship, but a lot of people looking sleepy. Maybe because of sea sickness pills or rocking movements of the ship or just tired after such an intense week. We are expected to hit strong winds in couple of days, so maybe everyone is getting prepared. The watch system is back, but still glancing at the vast endless ocean we are looking for a magical iceberg to appear on the horizon or some lost whale to show his gorgeous tail, we are so used to being woken up by the sound of the ice crashing on the hull and be surrounded by the glaciers and icebergs for the morning coffee time.
This magic land will always call us back, so we are saying "Hasta luego Antarctica!", not "Good bye",  till the next time. And for now we will see what Mister Drake and the life has to unfold before us.

Geschreven door:
Julia Shato | Voyage crew

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