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In a land untouched by humans

In a land untouched by humans, we are surrounded by cathedrals, pyramids, and arches.
These great sculptures were not created at the hands of man, but by the giant glaciers which line the Antarctic shores, moulding huge pieces of ice into their vibrant forms before they are shoved adrift into the water.
Every one unique, the icebergs of these Southern waters are the maze through which we find ourselves navigating this morning.

Bubbling and sloshing on both sides, small chunks move aside reluctantly as Europa pushes timidly through the ice.
The Berthelot Islands are our intended destination but, as we close the distance to the shore, the ice grows denser and denser as it dawns on the expedition team that zodiac operations will not be possible in this sea of white.

And so it is onwards and southwards, sailing between icebergs and growlers as humpbacks and minkes dance teasingly in the water nearby. The sea remains a flat mirror, its surface now disrupted by transparent disks of frozen seawater, an indication of how far south we have come. A cheer echoes over the deck as Beth announces that we have reached further south than ever before - 65*33' - A new low.

After returning from an afternoon cruise in the zodiac, we are treated to another golden sunset, the clouds in the distance turning pastel pink as mountains and icebergs cast their day's final shadows. The Frisian flag languishes atop the foremast, and Europa's stars atop the main.



Fair Winds, fair thoughts, fair sailing.

Mattias and Bark Europa Crew

šŸ“· Onur Durgun

Geschreven door:
Mattias Borchardt-Hume | Deckhand



We loved this lyrical insight into the frozen frontier! Go Bark! (Woof woof!)

Xanthe and Jim  |  05-03-2024 11:01 uur

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