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Impressions of the Cape to Cape voyage

Just about halfway and looking back, I can’t escape from the impression the different landscapes and spending time on board Europa have had on me.

I can now understand why one would choose to do this trip, or at least visiting Antarctica, more than once. Photos and movies give more information than previously noticed. Apparently, your brain can’t process the information at the time of perception. Situations change by the hour whenever the weather changes – and it changes rapidly – one moment the sun is out and half an hour later it sis snowing.

Without images I can hardly describe what we are experiencing. What I do want to mention is the quality of the permanent crew. It is unparalleled what they manage to do. Whether it is the navigation, the food, the guides, it is all top notch!

Geschreven door:
Nico | Trainee



Nico je ben nog niet half weg en nu al tevreden dan moet het wel mooi zijn

Teun Mastenbroek   |  28-03-2015 00:24 uur

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