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Lambert Island

Hello all,

POS:  62*33 S 059*37 W
COG:  231
SOG:  5,2
WND:  NW 1 bft

The last 12 hours were Incredible.

It started with a fog, A swell, binoculars, shared optimism and of course Coffee.
Why would not every story start with coffee. just like the mornings.

There were several Humpback whales, Penguins and the anxiety to meet this promised Continent.


 From the fog Antarctica appeared.

Our Chief officer Dan had organized the Radar and Charts and he steered the Bark Europa Skill full through upcoming passage.

All around us a beautiful Canvas of submerged rocks, crushing waves, Pinnacles, Whales and Proud Glaciers.

The first small Island we passed was called 'Watch keepers Island'
It was very low with a running Swell crushing all over it. Grabbing every rock on it's way.
Just like that Duvet you quickly pull over you when jump in your bed when the heating is not working.

We passed Table Island, proud, square and high.

Another Course change.

Next was 'Lambert Island' just like my dad is called.

Of course now my mum would like me to find her 'Margreet Island' 

If we don't find the Island here; I'll call a beautiful Iceberg after her.
An gorgeous Iceberg carried by the ocean, floating with the current and pushed by the winds.
passing by all the beauty of the Antarctic and tickled by the feed of penguins sliding from her.

Tea time.

The Anchor drops

The Voyage crew and guides went by Tender and landed at the Aitcho Islands.
At their return I could see many happy faces and later a lot of happy chatter from the Pantry.
They survived the first Drake Passage, arrived at Antarctica and had their first Landing and a lot more to look forward to.

Tomorrow Hanna Point at Whaler's Bay. A great hike by the Glacier.

Have a great day all! We'll have another one tomorrow for sure.

All the Best
Fosse Fortuin
Captain Bark Europa

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