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Land of Dragons

We continue our quest through the Land of Dragons.  The landscape of South Shetland Islands do recall fairytales and myths about dragons so much, that you almost sure the Dragons either hiding some place or just flying around somewhere, but these islands surely are their nesting place. High peaks, crevasses, shore brake of ocean waters covered by ice, strange stone formations, dramatic colors and forms, some bones here and there. Surely the Dragons were here and may be just flying above the clouds right now, waiting for us to leave. Few days in calm waters brought some peace and tranquility to the life on board. Normal sleep, nice breakfast, briefing, landing, good lunch, time to read books, write dairies, look through to photos taken on the shore, then lecture, dinner, another landing and going to bed tired, but satisfied being here and now (or for somebody drinking in the bar till the midnight and chatting about life, I guess). Sea lions, seals, whales and penguins are a lot of fun to glance at, but surely soon enough will be almost considered as a normal view, which sometime you can enjoy even from the deck drinking coffee. The amazing vastness of the sea on one side and beautiful rocky islands covered with ice and snow makes yourself disappear and understand that you are one with the Earth and all living creatures on it. The amazing feeling of not existing. The Oneness.

P.S. The great work of the crew is just flawless. Everyone is doing everything to ensure the lightness of being for the passengers on "Europa". Everyone is so unique, but they all make a great team of 
sailors, guides, cooks, waiters, cleaners, or name anything else. Multifunctional people. Special thanks to our guides Collette, Sara and Matthew. And of course to our chef Hanz, whose work is appreciated 3 times a day by everyone on board.

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Julia Shato | Voyage crew

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