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Last day of preparations in Montevideo

Today, the last preparations to get the ship ready kept the crew busy until shortly before it was time to embark the new voyage crew. The last few days the bark Europa has remained moored in the huge port of Montevideo, after her long ocean crossing from Europe and Cape Verde. From the morning onwards many walked into the port facilities to find Europa and drop their luggage. But finally, at 17:00, everyone was welcomed and checked-in on board. Once all were accounted for and with all the embarkation formalities done, the three bells were rang, signalling a gather together on the
main deck. It was for the official welcome on board talk by captain Eric and introduction of the crew that will help the voyage crew sail the ship to Antarctic shores. Shortly after it was time for our first
wonderful diner on board, prepared by cook Gjalt and cook’s assistant Sasha. The day didn’t reach its end yet, as our guides Jordi, Sarah and Nilla introduced the ways of living and working in the ship, ending with a brief explanation of the trip itself and our planned itinerary. Then crew members walked us around the ship and familiarised us with the location of the different areas, preparing the terrain for tomorrow’s activities and tasks.

Geschreven door:
Jordi Plana Morales | Guide

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