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Maintenance-mode to sailing-mode

After about 20 days in shipyard and maintenance-mode, things gradually are going back to their places. Europa is slowly getting into the sailing-mode again. 

A fresh shiny stay here, many wire-seizings renewed, the spanker boom gleaming with its new varnish coats. Layers of paint here and there along the bulwarks where the rust was most setting-inafter a few good sessions with needle-guns and grinders. 

Modifications finished too along the cap-rail for new setting of braces. Below decks, a few new pipes run behind the floors and wall panels. And a never-ending list of big and small jobs that have kept us busy during all this time. Usually all under good and warm weather, but a couple of days ago a sun halo appeared in the sky. The ring around the sun, formed when the light refracts off ice crystals in the atmosphere in a thin veil of high cirrus clouds, often indicates a weather change, a cold front approaching that could bring rain. And indeed, for a couple of afternoons, paint and varnish jobs were stopped now and then by a passing shower. Following them was full-on pouring rain.  

Off-signing permanent crew has been leaving the ship gradually while incoming members join in, welcomed on board by the grinding noises, the greasy hands, and a fully masked painting squad. 

Now it’s just a couple more days before the Europa will receive her new Voyage-crew and set sail into the Pacific Ocean.

Geschreven door:
Jordi Plana Morales | Expedition Leader

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