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The Roaring 40's

For those of us who sail the oceans, this phrase represents the Southern
Atlantic Ocean, nearing Cape Horn and some big swells.

Translate this to the 40's of life, the decade which many dread, but
laugh off with the comment "life begins at 40!" and you have the
positioning of life I am now in.

Turning 40 was a new beginning in life for me.

On the day I turned 40, I was cold and alone up in Scotland; 100's of
miles away from those I love.
On my 41st birthday I was alone in the sunshine, 1000's of miles away
from those I love.
And today as I celebrate my 42nd birthday, I am not alone.
I am 10,000 miles away from those I love, wrapped up in warm clothing
with some really lovely people on board tall ship Europa in the raging
50's, just off the coast of Patagonia.

And I am not alone.

But then I have not really truly been alone in the previous years.

Loneliness is a choice, and even though I am miles away from those I
love, I am neither lonely nor alone.

The people I have shared my birthday with this year were all strangers
to me, some more familiar now than others, and in just a few days we
will all go our separate ways.
Some of us to never see each other again,
Just treasuring the memories created,
The laughter and the meals shared,
The moments of joy at seeing the wildlife, sea scapes and land scapes on
our ocean adventure.

And as my birthday comes to an end, I am grateful to have shared my
birthday with such lovely people...
And to have chosen a new word for my year ahead.

A word which will transform,
A word which will inspire,
A word which will bring much joy to each and every day,
And that word is 'Dance'

Dance in the moment,
Dance in conversations,
Dance in the isles,
Dance wherever, whenever and however the moment takes me.

And although the past 3 years have not been quite the roaring 40's (yet!),
With the vision and the desires locked and loaded for this year ahead,
There are a few things I am guaranteed...

Love of life,
And lots of dancing... creating my very own take on the 'roaring 40's!'

So with love and gratitude for all those on board Europa, who sailed
with me from Montevideo to Punta Arenas 2019, and may all your future
travels take you to wherever your heart desires, and may you always be
blessed with happiness and prosperity in all you do.


Copyright belongs to Dawn Bates.

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Dawn Bates | Voyage crew

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