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Nick names and so on (Moemoe)

Last blog from me. Finally, she stops. I think if a reward was connected to writing a blog there would have been more blogs. Today we are going to say goodbye to the Antarctic. We say goodbye to the beautiful white with several astonishing blue/green colored world.

As a last blog I just want to talk about nick names and so on, because I have promised Mateo to tell the nick names. I am not going to talk about the voyage crew like the ‘Nadines’, the two sisters who look like a colleague of mine. I will give you some nick names of the real crew. The list is not exhaustive, just illustrating. If one is not mentioned don’t be disappointed, it does not mean at all that that person is not appreciated or whatever. 

There are: 

Captain Eric the Viking: look at him, it is rather obvious; 

Filemon d’Artagan/Indiana Jones/Puss in the boots (Filemon thanks again for what you did for me); 

Sarah is it hot here or what?; 

David Sven Kramer (Dutch Olympic skater); 

Rensje and Gjalt the cookies (thanks for the lovely meals); 

Diven the best invention ever: (what does he mean: he/me or my shoes?); 

Benja and Mateo: Sjors en Jimmie (these are two cartoon buddies, one is blond and the other one is somewhat darker); 

Marijke the doc: obvious (I will listen carefully because you will only say it once); 

Will the extremely Dutch looking Australian boy (sorry Will that I scared you during your night shift); 

Finn (crumpy) Popeye; he has a beautiful voice but I could never hear what he was saying at all; 

Peder the Silence but I discovered in the zodiac a good sense of humor; 

Jonna, does not have a nick name. She does not need it because she already has a perfect name. (A part of her name is also a part of my name.); 

Last but not least, Janke she just does it. Really, she guides Europa and her people firmly through (ice) seas and still has time to talk to you personally. 

Again, if one is not mentioned it does not mean anything. I want to thank you all for all your patience, care, help, good food, lessons, surprises etc., at least for so far, because we aren’t in Ushuaia yet… The journey is unforgettable for many reasons and I am sure that each of the voyage crew has his or her own personal and permanent memories. 

Have a good and healthy life you all! 

© Disclaimer, I am not responsible for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Geschreven door:
Marjon Weerepas | Voyage Crew




Stephan Rammeloo  |  01-02-2018 21:10 uur

Thanks for the updates Marjon! Great to read. Do you have any more stories? I’d love to read them.

Bart  |  15-01-2018 19:11 uur

Surely this must be the trip of a lifetime! Is there anything that can surpass this? Marjon, you never cease to amaze me! Thank you ( and all the rest of the passengers and crew) for your blogs, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

Danielle  |  14-01-2018 13:18 uur

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