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'Ocean Notorious'

I found this passage from my book 'Ocean Notorious' by Matt Vance interesting to reflect on as we watch the busy little penguins: It concerns what Sue, who is an expert on keeping penguins in an artificial display environment says and what the writer of the book takes from this. The penguins live in an enclosure to provide an 'Antarctic experience' ...'fake snow, but no sign of a grim beach, howling wind and horizontal rain. No sign of a convergence zone either.' The writer is impressed at the health and good looks of the penguins who are beautifully looked after: 'their coats glow like metal as they shuffle their feet and dip their heads - they have become immune to the intrusion of people into their strange little world..' Sue observes 'they are a neurotic lot really...they get spooked easily..something as neurotic as a feed bucket left in the enclosure can send them off into a sort of walking stutter' Our writer observes: 'It seems if you eliminate predators and provide an unlimited supply of food and a carefully monitored environment..penguins manufacture their own demons.'

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