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On our way to South Georgia

A day full of activities started under clear and sunny skies while a cold breeze blew.
Breakfast and coffee first was followed by the mandatory safety talk and instructions that must be done before departing on any sea voyage. As the compulsory pilot to steer us off the pier was not embarking until 10:30h, there was time enough while still being alongside, for starting with the climbing aloft training.
At the appointed time the mooring lines are cast off while the off-signing crew wave us goodbye from the harbour, sending their best wishes for a successful trip.

Along the day we will spend some more time learning our duties on board during the trip: how to steer, how to run a proper lookout and how to behave on deck handling the countless ropes that hang over our heads. With those activities we opened the door for the start of our watch system, that will last until reaching the wild coasts of South Georgia Island, distant about 1300nm from us.

Not much later the breeze it turns good enough to keep the Top sails set for a while, helping our engines for while before we steer the ship more into the wind. A bit more patience is needed to wait a while longer for the general more stable oceanic wind regime and get away from the land effects inside the large embayment of Golfo Nuevo. It was not until passed 20:00h that we reached its mouth. From then on the wind just gets better and better for our intended course to South Georgia. And during the night we find ourselves setting canvas.

First the Lower Staysails and Spanker join the Top Sails, then we work our way along the masts sheeting down all Squares and Middle staysails. At the bow both our Jibs are already catching the good Northeasterly breeze. The roaring of the engines cease and the Europa sails the dark hours with the constellation of the Southern Cross slightly on our Starboardside and countless stars peppering the sky.

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Jordi Plana Morales | Expedition guide

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