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At sea to South Georgia

So we say goodbye to Antarctica. To its pristine dark blue waters, black rocks and blinding white snow and once again set sail towards our new  goal – South Georgia.


When at sea the mood and rhythm of our new Home at Europa changes. We are back to sea watches, meaning that twice a day you are responsible for lookout (watch out for those bergs!) and steering the ship – preferably to those coordinates that captain or mate gave you before, or you are just another pair of hands on deck for any rope pulling that may be needed. You almost instantly lose track of the current date and day of the week. None of that is really needed at sea. During day you admire the never-ending blue vast seas that Europa is sailing through – for this time it is once again Drake`s passage and Scotia sea. During the night, if you lucky, you can gaze to the sky. Milky way, Moon, Southern Cross, Jupiter and billions of other celestial objects that are there for you to explore. From time to time marine life accompanies us, coming to check the new visitor of their “home”, whether it is whale or a pack of dolphins it is a truly amazing encounter and something for everybody on board of Bark Europa to enjoy. 2-6-PULL.

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