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Our little world

Good evening,

POS:  46*47,9 S 056*34,9 W
COG:  115
SOG:  4.7 kts
WND:  NW 4-5 bft
SEA:  1.0 meter
SWL:  NW'ly 1 meter
Water temp: 10.2
Air temp: 10.9

The clouds had fallen down on us this morning. We sailed in our little world of max 200 meters of visibility. Quite dense fog surrounded the ship till in the afternoon. Even with the fog it was nice weather. A gentle breeze from the NW - N pushed us forward and it was not cold at all. The wind shifted back and forth a couple of times. Bracing, bracing back and soon after having to brace again.

During the day the guides started their compulsory IAATO talks. The permanent crew learned the VC about points of sail.

The evening we spent with sea-fastening the ship once more. It is funny to watch how everybody gets used to light weather. People tend to leave everything they touch where they put it, assuming it will be there upon return. Good for the moment, but when it gets windy those same items will start to fly to previously unknown places.

While typing this message the wind picks up and we take the royals down. The barometer is still not rising. As soon as that happens the wind will increase more and soon change direction to the SSW.

I'm going to tie the chair in the radioroom to the floor to make sure that Dan or I won't fall over while typing the next email.

Cheers, Janke

Geschreven door:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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