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Our visit to Ascension

The swells were kind to us so we managed to get ashore for two days. Last time I was here, 2 years ago, we waited at anchor 3 days & only got to have 4 hours to explore the very small town of Georgetown. But this time we got to see a Turtle laying her eggs, to tour the island & visit the temperate Green Mountain.

No one really lives here, the UK & US military have bases, as do the BBC. People are not allowed to stay on the island without a job, so although there are a few long term residents, most are short term contractors. The marine live thrives as there is no fishing to speak of. The Turtles are protected, the land crabs have their own road signs to warn drivers (of which there are very few anyway).

But it is the seabirds that seem to be doing the best with the set up on this weird island. The Frigatebirds were my favourite, buzzing within metres of our stern as we arrived.

Geschreven door:
Andy Washington | Voyage crew



Interessant! Groete aan Brian.

Elsabe Harrison  |  31-05-2019 17:35 uur

Mooi verkeersbordje voor bij mijn collectie, groeten aan Jan en Inge ­čśü­čĹŹ

Annette  |  21-05-2019 19:14 uur

A crab/bird haven/sanctuary without Homo Sapiens. How pleasant. Terra firma must have felt pleasant too. Enjoy!

Pat Bradley  |  14-05-2019 16:56 uur

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