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Overall: Very comfortable and sunny

Moving South.

We passed Ilha Santa Barbara last night, The light from the lighthouse 
was visible on the horizon, It seems the Island has beautiful palm trees 
and a white beach. Only the birds life there together with the reefs and 
the fish around them.
It sounds like a dream, doesn't it. Luckily we're also living a dream on 
Jazz is playing softly. All sails are set and the binoculars are not 
needed to see the whales. The swim really close. a beautiful sight.

At times there is a fresh squall.
A squall (Cumulonimbus) is like an emotional cloud that blows of steam 
and cries at the same time. It sucks up energy and ventilates it in 
random directions. They can be quite energetic and give quick 180 degree 
wind shifts and possible increments of wind up to 8-9 Bft in seconds. 
Almost human.
If you are sailing, open and you have all your sails set, 'geen wolkje 
aan de lucht' it could get quite unpleasant. Good watch keeping is 
You normally can see them coming. outside and on the radar.
The rain is reflected by the beam of the radar.
You will see a big blob on the screen. Sometimes you are able to sail 
around them or else you take away some sail and get your raincoat or 
shampoo out.

Just now we also have some squalls around us, but these are light and 
small. a slight windshift and a few tears. Nothing too serious.
Some look slightly more temperamental, then we take away the Royals, 
close hatches and enjoy the rain and some fresh breeze.
Another beautiful day.

Safe sailing
Fosse Fortuin

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Fosse Fortuin | Captain



Welkom Kapitein Fosse.

margriet.  |  19-10-2017 18:52 uur

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