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Our small universe

The day started early with a beautiful sunrise and by 22.30 the sun had disappeared behind the horizon setting the sky on fire. The days are getting longer and the nights shorter, the further south we get.

a few more days

From midday on we were back on sails only, and even though the we not breaking speed records today, it feels good to be blown south by the wind. One more day before we will enter the Strait of Magellan on our way to Punta Arenas, our destination on this ocean leg. 


Many of us gathered on starboard side when the sun set. We gazed at the sky, the transparent waves, and admired being here. So many different feelings, so many different stories, so many different lives from all over the world lived together on the Europa for 3,5 weeks.

This was our own small universe for the duration of the voyage, away from the ones that we love, our friends and family. But life on board is intense, we got to know each other, we have endured the dog watches and the coldness together. A few more days before we choose our own paths again, but with a mind full of new experiences that will last a lifetime.

All crew of voyage Salvador-Punta Arenas

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