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Polar Plunge

Every day is better than the one before. Today we sailed through the Graham Passage and past the shipwreck of an 100 year old rusting whaling ship.

Then through the beautiful Wilhelmina channel full of icebergs and stunning views. We arrived at Orne Harbour and not only did we walk on mainland Antarctica for the first time, we also did our first polar plunge!!! None of us lasted more than a minute but we did all plunge … no paddling for any of us (air temp was 2.5 and water temp 0.1degC). Then to warm up we climbed up 100 meters to see some Chinstrap penguins. 

And finally, after dinner, we arrived at Cuverville Island where we spent a wonderful hour amongst the Gentoo Penguins. 

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Cathy Mummery | Kent Scouts

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