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Ships log

We woke up to a quiet morning, with very slight wind and flat seas, anchored in the Stella Creek, at Port Lockroy.

We woke up to a quiet morning, with very slight wind and flat seas, anchored in the Stella Creek, at Port Lockroy. After breakfast, Jordi picked up Stephen, the Port Lockroy “Post Man”, and brought him on board to have breakfast with us and for a briefing about the Base, their work for the UK Heritage Trust, and the things to be seen around while visiting Goudier Island. Its great to hear about a
place from somebody who is actually living and working there for the
summer season.

Shortly afterwards we were embarking the zodiacs for our morning activities. To expand our range of activities and things to see, Jordi has prepared a combined landing, Lockroy plus the nearby gorgeous Jougla Point. Half of us were about to visit the Base first, the other half had the chance to experience the scenery and wildlife at this other spot. After approximately an hour and a half the groups swapped, so all of us got the chance to see both places.

Jougla Point is located on the much larger neighbour island named Wienke. The origin of the name of the island where Jougla Point is located is about Karl Wiencke (Vee-éhn-kuh), who was a Norwegian sailor aboard the Belgica (1897-99). He was trying to clear the scuppers of loose coal in a storm when he was washed overboard. He miraculously grabbed a line and was dragging behind the ship but efforts to bring him back aboard failed and he was lost to the frozen seas.

The island that de Gerlache chose to honour his name with is home to some of the most dramatic mountain and glacier scenery in the region. We had time enough to wander around the island. The weather was good and we were surrounded by great scenery.

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