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Position report

Posrep Bark EUROPA
12:00UTC, Dec 11, 2015
56-19S : 070-12W
Course : 300 degr, 5 knots
Wind W-SW to SW 4 Bfrt, in hail showers 7 Bfrt.
Close Hauled Port tack.

Geschreven door:
Klaas | Captain



Cruise of a life time. 2003-Down bound, 10 days. Montreal to Halifax. Nine passengers/13 crew. Unbelievable.

robert and yvette thiffault  |  17-12-2015 20:37 uur

Hoping that you make it to 50 S before heading back towards the Strait of Megellan

Paul Hicks  |  17-12-2015 05:02 uur

oh, the word "congratulations" disappeared. So congratulations, congratulations. Ineke

Ineke van der Laan  |  13-12-2015 20:19 uur

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