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Preparations behind the scenes in Ushuaia

Bark Europa lays moored alongside Ushuaia harbour for the last couple of days, after her arrival from yet another successful Antarctic trip. It’s now time to prepare for the last Antarctic trip of the season. Afterwards the plans are to make way along the Chilean coast and set sail into the Pacific Ocean.

The last days in Ushuaia have been well spent getting the ship ready. Some repairs had to be conducted aloft, cabins and the rest of the ship called for a good clean, bed linen had to be washed, provisions needed to be embarked and fuel bunkers for our diesel tanks had to be loaded.

All the preliminaries to such a trip always take a lot of time and effort from the permanent crew. After all those countless hours of hard work under the changeable Ushuaia weather, the last preparations include deck washing, a last cleaning of corridors and final touch-ups in the rig, before the ship is ready to welcome the new voyage crew on board tomorrow.

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