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Rain rain rain


POS:  25'56S 41'50W
CRS:  270'
SPD:  5,2kts
WND:  S 6-7 bft
SEA:  Moderate/rough
SWL:  S mod. 3-4m

Before the southerly winds reached us there was rain, rain, rain.
sunny morning and no wind.
Time to trawl atlantis again for plastic.

During the last haul the wind kicked in with a good 7bft.
Time some 
A bit more challenging now, after 4 weeks of nice weather cruising.

Close hauled making way westwards.
Fingers crossed it does not remain 
south for too long, otherwise we will bump onto South America.

Rgds, Arian

Geschreven door:
Arian Poortman | Captain

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