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Sailing again

FRIDAY 17TH of June 2022,  12.00 Ships time = Gmt. 


Contouring the High pressure system 

22 days Out from Ascension 

33°-55'N : 039°-11' 

Course= -035° -All sails set, Speed around 9 kts. 

Wind = S-SE 4 Bfrt, Seawater 24,4° Celsius,Barometer 1021.0 hPa. 

We changed from Engine power to SAIL power around 17:00 yesterday afternoon. 

Slowly,a gentle breeze from the South-Southeastcame through and we set course to the NEbyN. 

The plan is to contour around the High pressure system for today and tomorrow. 

For Sunday and next week the weather Gods seem to turn against us. 

 The High is moving into the NW and strengthening to 1038hpa.
This will
put us on her South-side and will give us NE-ly winds and that is also exact the direction we want to go to.

Or in Sailor terms “A dead Muzzler
So as it looks now we need
to call for both of our engines from Sunday onwards if we want arrive on the Wednesday in Horta

But for now we try to enjoy the beautiful breeze that gives us good speeds and the beautiful skies/sea. 

 Done  24hrs  =154 in 033°6,4kts  Average, 

Done 529 hrs= 3.171,5M =   6,0kts  Average,   

Horta:  623M in Bearing 058° 

Alles Wel 



Geschreven door:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA

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