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Sailing to the South Shetlands

Hello all,

POS:  57*51,9 S 064*30,5 W
COG:  140
SOG:  4 kts
WND:  SW 3 - 6 bft
Water temp: 7 *C

While writing this I just did start the engines for a bit. The wind died and we were rolling around with flapping sails on the swell of the previous wind. The strong wind kept blowing throughout the night. We did some serious healing in squalls, but the ship was ready. Short after midnight we closed the maindeck. All watertight doors were shut. It means that everybody has to come out for their watches through the wheelhouse. This gives the officers the chance to keep a close eye on everybodies well-being.

In the morning the wind slowly decreased a bit, so we did set some more 
sail again. This was taken down in the afternoon  because of a new band of squalls with wind and rain. Still we were making good progress. With many adjustments to bracing and the course to steer. Till now. But it is predicted. So hopefully the next prediction will be right as well. A nice 20 knots of wind from the WSW. Perfect for some more sailing to the South Shetlands.

Yellow bucket wise: most are still in use, but the color on most faces is back. Breakfast was hardly attended, lunch a little better and now the evening meal attracted most of the people on board.

All will be well soon hopefully.

Groetjes, Janke

Geschreven door:
Janke Kingma | Captain



Mooi om te volgen. Steile leercurve denk ik, door alle soorten weer. We kijken mee naar het weer. Stiekem zou ik aan boord willen kijken. Irene lekker genieten van dit prachtige avontuur!!

Hilde  |  06-01-2023 21:40 uur

Wat een avontuur. Ik probeer het een beetje te volgen. Ik hoop niet dat je nog veel gebruik moet maken van de gele emmer Reinesta. Geniet!

Joke  |  05-01-2023 16:13 uur

So nice keeping informed. I hope you all do well now and don't feel that sick. Enjoy. I hope my dear Rien is doing well as all of you.

Marieke   |  04-01-2023 22:13 uur

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