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Sleep, Interrupted

One of the shipboard duties is to wake people up in the middle of the night for the next watch.  Sleep is precious.  No one likes to be woken up for watch.  Especially dog watch (Midnight to 4AM). 

I find it best to inject a bit of fun and spice when waking people up.


Here are a few that I used:

"I'm sleepwalking.  Would you like to join me?"

"The next Kelp lecture is starting in 10 minutes.  Space is limited!"

"I haven't felt this good since the day I escaped from the mental institution"

"Are you willing to adopt a baby seal for 5 Euros a week?"

"Tag!  You're it!"

"Hey, does this smell like Chloroform?"  (Repeat this step until they learn the lesson)

"We need a live victim for the man overboard drill.  Do you want to volunteer?"

Practice your knot tying skills on your target until they wake up.  Apologize if you accidentally cut off their circulation.

"Gotham needs your help.  Can I count on you?"  (Only do this when wearing your Batman costume)

"Have you seen my yellow bucket?"  (Say it with a frantic look in your eyes)


and my favorite:

"Nothing comes between me and my Calvin Klein's"

Geschreven door:
Bin Chen | Voyage crew



Thanks for sharing some of the funny moments! I wonder about the responses you get from the sleepyheads - are they just as funny? I hope so!

Jacqueline   |  12-12-2017 14:58 uur


Marijke  |  11-12-2017 19:50 uur

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