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There has been much to remember on this voyage. Sunrises and sunsets, icebergs and glaciers, sails and masts and winds to match.  But surprisingly, the things I will recall are the smiles of the young crew.

                  The broad, beaming grin of Will

                  The cheerful, cheeky smile of Merle

                  The genuine, joyful smile of Vai

                  The delightful smile of Belen

                  The charming smile of Natalie

                  The graceful smile of Sasha

                  The warm, welcoming smile of Jonna

                  The sardonic smile of Diven

                  The thoughtful smile of Katelinn

                  And as for Peder, let’s call it the rare smile!

As a man in my fifties it is not often that I get a chance to work with people less than half my age, and rarer still that I get to learn from them. So this was an unexpected highlight of the voyage. The real privilege for me of working with this young crew will live with me for a long time and I’m grateful for them sharing a little of their life at sea. How I envy the life they have, their enthusiasm, zest and the knowledge and confidence they have already accumulated. Let’s not forget their remarkable patience with us middle aged dudes too.  And Natalie, I will remember to “chill my beans”. Frequently. Thank you!

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Roger Davies | Voyage crew



THANK YOU to the crew who kept everyone safe and sound! Thank you for your diligence, perseverance, skill and talents in offering an amazing voyage for all on Bark Europa!

Jacqueline   |  20-12-2017 14:45 uur

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