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Snowflakes and icebergs

The night before New Year’s Day has become a night of building up anticipation and releasing it in celebration. Letting go of the old, reminiscing what was or could have been, and with all hands on deck, or with a gentle breeze, sailing into what is to come; a New Year.

Each year we either compete with ourselves to turn that night into something special or we down play it with the comforting thought all will still be there tomorrow. Generally it is, and yet…

When you sail into a new year on the Gerlache Strait in Antarctica you experience something quite unique. In a night that will not set, you are surrounded by nature’s beauty. Snowflakes falling between pieces of floating ice, on an ocean of blues I never could have imagined possible. How one molecule can shine in all its forms is mesmerizing. It takes you back to the bare essentials. With just one element there are so many different ways to paint the picture. How it turns out is a question of time, conditions, and knowing it will all change again tomorrow. In its simplicity lies its beauty and we are all part of it.

So whether you consider yourself this morning a snowflake floating through the new year with no care in the world as the wind takes you to new places never been, or whether you think yourself a piece of the iceberg stuck in the middle not knowing how to get out, know that the only constant going forward will be change.

When we then stand back and look at that combined view of all us particles, in whatever shape or form we come in, we can see we are:

Simply Beautiful


Happy 2018

Geschreven door:
Kate Crauwels | Voyage crew

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