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Space for creation

Space for creation

And as I am writing this, I am sitting in the atmospheric library, watching a magical moment be born. Hans and James are playing music, Abi and me just finished some work. Abi played violin when she was younger and notices a violin laying in a corner. As she unpacks it, she realises she forgot all the songs she used to know. Hans and James notice her fiddling with the fiddle and stop playing. After a short conversation sheet music is found and the three gather to practice. Nat enters the room as well, and joins them singing. So here I am, watching the four of them sitting in a small circle, playing and singing some songs sweetly, slowly so Abi can keep up. It is one of the most heart-warming things I have seen in long time.

Music can be so beautiful, especially live music. But this moment of trial and error warms my heart differently: various levels of skill coming together in creation. The creation of a space where mistakes can be made, and even the unexperienced can join.

I myself am unexperienced. Never dared to sing. Even when I talk, I do it softly, as if I am afraid my words will be heard. I am trying to change this and sailing helps. With the sound of the waves and wind, communication has to be loud. Hold! Make fast! Whispering is of no use. Sailing is done with commitment. Lines are pulled with commitment, and commands need to be brought with commitment. You either haul away or you don’t, there is no in-between.

With singing it is so easy to go for the in between option. To hide somewhere in a corner, softly whisper along the words you remember. For singing our throats need to be open, the tension stored in our muscles released. We need to decide to sing, to let our voices be heard, to let the energy flow. I remember from singing and joking around with friends how nice it can be to just find joy in the process. To just make music without worrying if it is good enough. But those moments are memories. New memories need to be made, and so I get up, join them and sing. Softly, maybe only a song or two, but it is a start. Everything starts
with having the courage to try.

Last year I overcame my fear of heights and climbed.
This year I might sing.

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Marretje | Researcher



wat gezellig is dit. zo mooi en romantisch.

margriet  |  30-10-2023 11:22 uur

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