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St Helena

It is 3.11 on the 15th of May 2015, 19 hours after we left James Bay, Saint Helena. 

The cloudless night provides us with a sky full of stars, we are leaving a trace of bioluminescence in the ocean. Every now and then we see a shooting star. We enjoyed being guests on St. Helena, the island furthest away from any continent on Earth, without any mobile phones and hardly any internet connection. The saints living on the island are extremely friendly and helpful people, who return expensive camera equipment to its owner via the local radio, sponsor your drinks when you are out of money, come running after you when you forgot something in their restaurant, come close with their boat to make sure that you are safe when swimming around the ship in a current. 

What a feeling it is to see the own ship as one of the major attractions on the postcards sold in the tourist office. “The sailing ship Europa at anchor in James Bay (picture): Once ships were grateful for St. Helena, now St.
Helena is grateful for a ship.” Not much has changed on the island in the last 50 years (Bild Straße und grün) The Saints have ambiguous feeling about the mobile connection that will be set up and the airport that is currently being built. We are all very grateful for having had the chance to visit the island in the state it is in now and to experience the extraordinary hospitality of its people who wish to see us again soon. Thanks to Europa and crew for making this possible.

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