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Studding sails are set

Noon position 2023-10-18 12.00 UTC:

16°25'S 011° 51'W

Speed: 2.8 knots,

COG 285°

The Studding sails are set. Stunning as they look, they are not doing 
enough to propel us in the right direction, at anything near the 
required speed. The wind is also lower than it has been at anytime 
during this voyage, so i guess we shouldn't expect miracles. But, as it 
stands, the yellow baby-butterflies will have to sing their song in the 
night: I would not want to come behind on the schedule too far.

On the bright side, we had most excellent lasagna yesterday! Also: we 
were talking about playing games in the deckhouse yesterday and James 
(eng) said that he thought that 6 in the morning was an excellent time 
for that. No one agreed, but I invited James to come and sing songs at 
that time today, on deck. Imagine my surprise when he actually showed up 
this morning. And sing we did!

Also: at 1730, there will be yoga on deck, hosted by Lidi

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Hans | Captain

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