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Stunsails and Silence

The final part of the Saint Lawrence around the headland of ‘Péninsule
De La Gaspésie’, stars reflecting on the brackish water-mirror of the
river. South of Ile D’anticosti the laurentian channel meets the North
Atlantic a light breeze is noticeable in the night. 1 Engine down,
staysails up, the other engine is following soon and around midnight all the
square sails coming out of there clews.


Together with thevoyage crew on watch we enjoy the beautiful night and the first signs of
a new day with the thought of a warm bunky in a moment.
At 0400 the day watch is setting the starboard stunsails, coming up in
the morning under a blue sky, 6 knots in light air curious about
Newfoundland sailing along…

Geschreven door:
Jelte Hibma | First Mate

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