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Sun and Showers

09-23S : 012-51W, Underway Sailing.

Yesterday we had more rain then dry periods but today it is a mix again between Sun and Showers.
Still making a good speed overall and also in the right direction so no complaints from this side.

Some sail changes during the showers but sailing without Stuns'ls with Large wind while on SB tack.

Done 24hrs = 156M = 6,5kts in 315 degr.
Done 90hrs = 578M = 6,4 kts
ToGo = 131M to Ascension

ETA Ascension Monday Midday

Alles Wel


Geschreven door:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA



Thank you Klaas. Boreas maakt van alles mee.

margriet  |  23-05-2022 12:40 uur

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