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Sunday at Sea - Cape Horn Ceremony

Sailing is fun! But so can be sitting on your bum! The professional sailors of Europa have one thing in common, they can't seem to sit still, probably because there is always something to do. From changing sheets to mending sails, from scrubbing floors to sanding spars. For 12 hours a day 7 days a week and for 3 months on end, every waking moment is spent in loving care of our guests and of our pride and joy Europa.

But if the circumstances allow it, there is one day a week where this relentless devotion may be diverted: Sunday at sea. Traditionally a day of rest and reflection, where the captain would read from the bible in the morning and the crew could do as they'd please.

Well this Sunday captain Harko can't find his bible, but at 2'o'clocky he tells us of the tradition of the Kaap'Hoorn foundation and honours the three on board who cannot be at the ceremony in Hoorn today, with a ship made certificate: the statue of the Albatross representing the spirits of the sailors lost at sea, a statue which resides on Hoorn island

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Harko | Captain

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