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Sunrise & Land in Sight

This morning around 06:00, trainees and crew on watch were lucky to witness a magnificent sunrise. After a few days of grey clouds, everyone was delighted by all the colourful shades the sky had to show off. The clear sky stayed for the whole day and many people chose to lay on the sloop deck to enjoy the sun. 

After a well-deserved rest between breakfast and lunch, the portside watch emerged from their bunks to see land on the horizon. Some mention they miss the smell of grass. Some say they miss the sound of birds in their backyard. Cell phones start buzzing all around as we come closer.  

The journey has not reached its end yet but the proximity of the coast reminds us to enjoy all the little and big moments we have left to live on this trip. 

Geschreven door:
Amelie Marchand | Deckhand, Bark EUROPA

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