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The Day of Deception Island

Hello all,

POS: 63*28.1 S 60*52.5 W
COG: 194
SOG: 6.5

WND: N 4-5

The Day of Deception Island and Neptune Bellows. A perfect few titles to look up and read more about. How ships found their end, The Whalers station. The 'hot' springs. The small airstrip that used to be there and I guess much more.

At 0730 We entered the center of the Volcanic Island in a thick fog.
I could hardly see my coffee cup in my hand.
A radar is a very useful instrument at such times.

First a long landing at Whalers Bay in the morning and a walk at Telefon
Bay in the afternoon.

I have been here with 0 knots but also with 60+ knots. You never know.
This time we were lucky with a light breeze.

So lucky that we were able to set sails in the heart of the Island and
sailed out through Neptune's Bellows.

A Northerly wind gave us the breeze to sail most of the night till we
got close to Trinity Island.

Now the wind died and my bed is calling

I just handed over our watch to Hans, Clara Lex and Nadia.


Fair Winds, fair thoughts, fair sailing.

Bark Europa Crew

Geschreven door:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain

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