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The moment has finally arrived

Position: 3 Miles West of Robben Island
COG: 320°
SOG: 6kn

LS, To whom it may concern and what dies meer zij

The moment has finally arrived: Due to the heroic efforts of many of the people to whom this mail is addressed, and many others, the Europa has left Capetown.

Yesterday the voyage crew came on board, the off-signers signed off, filled out their resthour forms and the deck washed of the dust of an extended yard period.

The morning was spent with drills and familiarizing of crew and voyage crew, installing hydraulic valves and showing passports. Gangways were stowed and bits of wood on top of that. And all was finished off with an excellent tomato soup.

Right now, we are setting sail and, with the blessing, soon might even stop the engines.


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