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The new Calculation Game is ON

WEDNESDAY 8TH of June 2022  12.00 Ships time = Gmt. 

NE Tradewinds 
13 days Out from Ascension 
12°-56'N : 033°-27' 

Course= - North-westerly– Full & By SB-tack 

Wind = NE 4. Seawater 27° Celsius 

Still making good progress, sailing Full & By Port tack the only thing we have to set or dowse regularly are the skys’ls the flying jib and the gaff-tops’l. Just because the wind is a bit variable in strength and also the direction is not complete steady.  But we’ll keep the squares full and the speed between 6 and 7 knots. 

The new Calculation/Gambling Game is ON. 

When will our Latitude be equal to the Suns Declination? 

As you know our Sun is on it’s way to the June solstice (June 21) and she will reach then the declination of 23°-26',3 N.
We will hope to catch up with the sun before she reaches that point.

We are catching up by doing about 2° latitude every day and the sun is doing about 2' every day. 

The Suns declination today = 22°-52' N  

Our Latitude today = 12°-56' 

The gamble is our speed for the calculation you need an Nautical Almanac or the Internet to find the Suns declination for every day.

I would say join us in the Game. 

Done 24 hrs 158 in 322°6,6 kts  Average 

Done 313 hrs 1.782,5M =   5,7 kts  Average,   

Horta: 1555M in Bearing 008° 

Alles Wel 


Geschreven door:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA

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