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Time for real time practice

Hello all,

POS:  55*12 S 066*06,81 W
COG:  200
SOG:  5,2
WND:  SE 2 bft

The Beagle Channel is behind us. The Drake passage ahead.
24 hours of training the Voyage crew lay behind us.
Time for real time practice ahead of us.

This evening..

The wind forecast gave winds to come from the N and the SW.. But it came
from different directions. and then did some circles.
The first Squall gave us some proper winds and kept everyone busy for
some hours pulling many ropes, climbing, furling, bracing, packing and
setting sails differently.

Some great practice.

It makes time go fast, your hair salty and all together they did a great
Now at the end of our watch everything has calmed down.

Fresh coffee is brewing and my pillow is asking for my attention. I will
follow the pillow's command.
Time for the next watch.
Sleep well.

Groetjes, Fosse

Geschreven door:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain



thank you Fosse.

margriet  |  24-01-2023 11:16 uur

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