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Time for science


POS:  14'57S   036'14W
CRS:  205'
SPD:  3,8kts
WND:  NE 2 - 3 bft
SEA:  Smooth
SWL:  NE Low

Windspeed this afternoon 1 kts. That does not bring us fast towards where we want to go, but gives time for science. Trawling Atlantis for plastic. Some was found, along with tiny fish, but not a lot. A drone was launched and footage put on the library pc.
Movie night tonight, 
Orbit part two.

All in all a easy going day at sea, with only very light rain.
At this moment full and by, speeding up somewhat. Still on schedule.

Rgds, Arian

Geschreven door:
Arian Poortman | Captain

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