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Tips for your Antarctica packlist

We have just completed our final landing in Antarctica and we are all reflecting on the wonderful sights we have seen and experienced during this last week. We have been lucky with the weather which has allowed us to do most of what we had planned with a few minor changes.*

Tomorrow we set out north again and resume 4 hour watches in preparation for crossing The Drake.  I wonder what it has in store for us this time? Having spent more than a week exploring Antarctica I made a list of my personal top 5 items I was glad I brought on the trip, and which items I would add next time.  I hope it is useful for others

My top 5 I items:
-       Merino wool layers – I am a total convert to merino wool it just never needs washing!
-       Muck boots for going ashore – these are much better than my sailing boots for going ashore
-       Insulated hiking trousers – I have worn these every day.
-       My waterproof and wind proof beanie hat.
-       Crocs – for slipping on down below

The items I will bring in addition next time:
-       Walking poles – some of the paths ashore are steep and slippery / icy. Poles are a good idea.
-       Binoculars – ideally waterproof ones
-       Camera that has built in GPS to record the remote places we go on each picture
-       An Iphone case that has a chord that can be put around the neck to keep it secure
-       Waterproof mittens which keep fingers warmer than gloves.

Keith Greenfield -  Voyage Crew

* Note from the Expedition Leader : we take it as a huge compliment you experienced it this way - the weather was rather challenging.

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Keith Greenfield | Voyage crew

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