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Too late

The lectures during a trip on board Europa are worthwhile. Apart from lessons on ropes and sail handling, today we listened to a talk on Oceans and Climate. In the middle of playing down and denial, there are thousands of pieces of evidence on the disruption of the balance in the deep cold and warm currents of the world’s oceans. Seeing all that an inevitable feeling seeps in which results in one serious question: is there a way to stop this disruption or are we too late already? I once wrote a poem about ‘too late’: 


Later may not come. 

Only if ‘in a minute’ is on time 

later may not be too late. 

I cannot say: ‘Tomorrow’, 

when only tomorrow I will know 

that is has become today. 


I really need to consider 

if not today I should 

be telling you 

that I love you.


beautifully written

margriet  |  13-10-2021 17:41 uur

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