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Trinity Island

We started the day with the engine still running, bringing us to Trinity Island, pretty close to the Antarctic Peninsula. On the way to our anchor place, we could watch lots of icebergs floating by. Every time you can see an iceberg it’s pretty special, since they are all unique. With the blueish and white shadings and the diversity of the form, it’s beautiful to watch.

As we reached the anchor place we made a zodiac trip. Packed in many layers to stay warm, we left the bark to cruise between the icebergs and rocks. We could spot some seals, penguins and lots of birds on our way between the ice. Even though it was cloudy and snowy the whole time, it was incredible to be there, in a small zodiac between those huge masses of ice. It’s unbelievable that most of it is under water, since it gets so thin at the water front being attacked by all the waves. We spotted a huge iceberg in the shape of an arch. It was impressive. It looked like it would break any time, but it didn’t.

The permanent crew surprised as once more as they stopped the zodiacs gathering together for a hot chocolate break in the middle of the icebergs. I wonder how it’s possible that they surprise us every day! Always being active cleaning, motoring, repairing, cooking, entertaining us and still smiling. And nevertheless, still answering all our questions. Thanks a lot for that.

Just being on board for about a week on the Bark Europa, already feels like being at home. Thanks to the welcoming crew and all the nice people on board and of course the lovely Europa itself, with all the little details like maps, pictures, miniature ships, library on board and of course all the wooden stuff that makes it a lovely place to be.

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Simone Rittenauer | Voyage crew



Sounds like a great and unforgetable adventure. Go on sailing and looking for wonders. Love

Corinna Rittenauer  |  03-01-2018 16:03 uur

Fantastic post. keep them coming!

Nick Ingelbrecht  |  03-01-2018 03:21 uur

Sounds awesome. Special happy NY to MaDonna from Little Bay loving the wonders here too.

Donna McKendrey & Damian Gilchrist  |  02-01-2018 20:48 uur

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