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Tropical wave and a new virus


POS:  05'09 N  026'09 W
CRS:  195'
SPD:  4 kts, under engine
WND:  SSW 2-3 bft
SEA:  Slight
SWL:  S low

Just before  diner uptill now another tropical wave is passing over our heads.
Plenty rain but not too strong windgusts. As far as we see it 
now, somewhere tomorrow we should encounter the south-southeasterly's 3bft, so hopefully by then it will be the last we hear of our engines for a while.
Due to all this rain the birthday celebration as well as the 8 o'klokkie was posponed till tomorrow.

Before all this rain we noticed a new virus on board. The sanding, painting and varnishig virus. Many crew and voyage crew where infected.
Lets hope the southern hemisphere gives us some dry spells, so we can keep that virus alive.

Rgds, Arian

Picture by Julius Tepper

Geschreven door:
Arian Poortman | Captain, Bark EUROPA

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