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Two scientists aboard

We have the great luxury of having two scientists aboard. Abigail and Marretje both use the “manta-trawl” to collect specimens from the surface of the ocean. While Abi is mainly concerned with the amount of plastic in the specimen collector Marretje is researching the living catch. After the whole contraption has been brought aboard again together they wash out their “treasure” on deck and start making an inventory, count and explain to us all what we see. It is amazing what kind of life exists in the upper thirty centimeters of the mid-ocean waters.

To be able to trawl we have to be at an exact speed of 3 knots. To reach that speed while going at 9 knots quite a lot of measures were to be taken: taking away most of the sails, than veering the ship to have her on a starboard tack so we can lower the trawl on starboard. Afterwards the whole procedure has to be reversed to go on to our desired course again. The whole exercise takes about two hours for thirty minutes of trawl. It certainly keeps us off the streets.


Geschreven door:
Rudi | Shipsdoctor



Geweldig hoe jullie bezig zijn! Leuk om te lezen !

Nella Croese  |  11-10-2023 17:37 uur

Het is weer geweldig om weer mooie blogs te lezen met leuke foto,s Heel erg gemist.

margriet  |  09-10-2023 12:27 uur

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